Quentin Elias with (Alliage) 1996-1999

"Alliage" was an overnight success and Quentin easily filled the role of lead singer and resident heartthrob. Together, the band achieved sales totaling more than 5 Million Certified RIAA receipts. Alliage recorded three albums and had six singles chart in the Top 5. They toured the world and performed at over 1,000 sold out concerts. Alliage outranked other international musicians and entertainers of the era such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin, and a host of other groups. But, after four years, Quentin wanted to move in a different direction artistically and left the band to begin his career as a solo artist.

Quentin Elias (Solo) 2000-2009

Quentin moved to New York City where he began working with notable music industry insiders such as Nile Rodgers, Ernie Lake and Junior Vasquez and, in 2001, recorded and released “Always the Last To Say Goodbye”. In 2002, he was named the Most Promising Male Singer, and was awarded the coveted Diamond Award at The Diamond Award Festival in Europe. Continuing to perform and record, Quentin released the maxi single “Serve It Up” in 2005 and the solo album “What If I” in 2006. In 2007, working with J.Marty of the Beatdoctorz and Flash Sanchez from Electro Boy Inc Records, Quentin recorded new songs and began re-working some previously unreleased material with Flash Sanchez. In 2008, Electro Boy Inc Records released the songs “Fever”, “Kamasutra” and “Always the Last 2008”. In 2009 we also have seen the release of Quentin’s singles “Shattered Dreams” a remake of the hit single from the band "Johnny Hates Jazz ,"Take Off", "Casanova" and "I Want Your Love" a remake of chic's classic hit in addition of various remixed singles to follow. This soon lead to the collection albums of the singles simply titled "Love Confusion-The Singles" and "Quentin Elias Remixed". As the records where being released, Quentin all ready has his eyes on returning to the studio to begin embarking on a different sound that Quentin seemed to gravitate to "Pop Pock", In which lead to in secrecy a fresh new reinvented Quentin in late 2009. Which then emerged was the video premier of what was to come. A video single entitled "For You" directed by New York City based multimedia professional Carlos Arias, who has captured many of Quentin's most infamous images. And now was capturing Quentin on Video.

Quentin Elias (solo) 2010 - 2013

Quentin hit the studio after feeling the desire to evolve into a more mature artist. Getting away from all the electronic sounds and going back to basics which consisted of a full set of musicians giving himself a more rock pop mainstream sound in which he fit the role perfectly. This led to the recording of "For You" "So Far" and other tracks during these rock sessions. Which ended up being released as singles.

Trying not to neglect his club fanbase and his huge following in "FRANCE" he began to recorded another dance single titled "Give Me Some More" with "Flash Sanchez" hitting the iTunes Top 100 Downloadable dance charts.

At this time there seemed to be a huge calling in FRANCE in which people wanted to know what had become of the artist which documentaries began to take place on French TV.This would soon lead Quentin returning to France and gearing up for a tour in 2011, titled "Quentin Elias (Re Invented). Quentin went back to the studio taking a temporary residency in Los Angeles to be closer to his long time collaborator "Flash Sanchez" where then they would begin the process of creating the concept and musical direction of the tour. Which quickly resulted in reinvented versions of some classic hits he had recorded with band mates "Alliage", along with showing his newly recorded material. As the tour was taking place the singles were being simultaneously released. The reinvented "Cruel Summer" with "Flash Sanchez" would soon hit Sweden's iTunes Top 100 Downloadable singles peaking to number "79" in August of 2011, along with "Biala" the (Re Invented) EP, which consisted of reinvented versions of "Biala" "Le Temps Qui Court" classic hits from the early days with "Alliage" As well as releasing his newly recorded Rock Ep "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" which included a cover of Adele's hit single "Rolling In The Deep" and a cover of "I Can Do Bad" by Mary J. Blidge. 'Whats Done is Done" "So Far" "For You" and previously recorded material from his debut album "What If I?" Giving them a hot new rock pop rock sound.

Quentin Elias - 2013

After having two very successful tours in France in 2011 and 2012. It's seemed as though Quentin had at one time just wanted to move forward as a solo artist in the US but soon realized what he had left behind in France. His fans is what got his attention and all the love and support from them would then lead him once again to tour France again in 2013 with the tour being titled ''JUSTIFY 2013" (reinvented), meaning his mind began to expand and realize he needed to become the artist he was destined to be. And that he no longer had to prove himself as an solo artist and his eyes where set to conquer the world with his music. So with the help of his new management team in France and his existing team in the US, he is ready and set to accomplish what he was always destined to become. And to become one of the most memorable artists of our time.
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